Asthma and Eye Allergies

If you have eye allergies the likelihood of you having allergic asthma is more. This is because those allergens that cause eye allergies are also the ones that cause allergic asthma. The allergens make the eyes watery, cause sneezing fits and lead to asthma attack. Therefore, if you have allergic asthma, your symptoms will be […]


Cancer and Vision Changes

Eye cancer or cancer treatments are known to cause changes in the vision. It can either cause a blurry vision or even lead to a complete vision loss. That’s why it becomes important to learn the symptoms of vision changes and what causes them in the case of cancer. Cancer causes vision changes when: One […]


Contact Lens vs Eyeglasses

Picking the right companion for your eyes can be a tough choice. It has been debated for long and has left many confused. There is no clear winner in the tussle between the two because it is purely a matter of personal preference. Depending on your lifestyle, comfort, convenience, budget and style the choice could […]

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The SPECTACLEd Bride’s Guide

If your eyes and spectacles have spent most of their time together till date, then it must be next to impossible to imagine your wedding day without them. You can look drop dead gorgeous wearing your spectacles too! If you are planning to replace your spectacles with lenses just for your wedding day even though […]