Blend Fashion and Eyecare with Prescription Sunglasses

Eyecare with Prescription Sunglasses

The monsoon has arrived in several parts of India, yet the strong rays of sun still make their way to spread the light through the dark clouds. This could be a concern for all the spectacle wearers who need to protect their eyes outdoor yet want to look stylish. In such cases, it is a big dilemma to choose between your sunglasses and prescription glasses. Well, thanks to prescription sunglasses you don’t have to make a difficult decision.

Gone are the days of wearing your regular prescription glasses and carrying a different pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes when the sun glares down. Prescription sunglasses are normal sunglasses where you can choose to have the lens changed to a powered tinted lens. These lenses not only correct your vision but give 100% UV protection along with relaxed viewing. To top that, you get to flaunt your shades with zero hesitation. But just one pair of prescription sunglasses won’t match with your different attires every day. Let’s look at some style statements to carry with a range of Vision Express prescription sunglasses.

The Aviator Styling Tip Aviator sunglasses tips

Aviators have always been the heartthrob among sunglasses. They are also known as the Pilot Sunglasses as the pilots would wear them during their high-altitude flights. Their roots trace back to World War 2 when military men started using these sunglasses. Aviators looks appealing to both men and women. You can wear the silver aviator with a white shirt, cargo shorts and grey shoes to get the ultimate go-to, classic and stylish look.

The Wayfarer Styling Tip The Wayfarer Styling Tip

Wayfarers are one of the most versatile and flattering sunglass shapes. They come with a good grip and fit perfectly on your ear. They were seen trendingin the mid-20th century and have been adopted by many style icons of our age too. Wayfarers have a very thick frame and temple, it can look great when clubbed with dark shade outfits like a blue blazer, a wrist watch, and white chinos.

The Browline Styling Tip The Browline Styling Tip

Browline frames has secured its place in the hearts of men and women alike. They come with a thinner frame at the bottom and a thicker frame on top. They give a subtle and classy look to your style. You can pair them with any minimal attire, white top wear with denims being the all-time killer.

The Oval Styling Tip image5

These frames go perfectly well with retro attires. Popular among the musicians and their fans, oval frames made a style-statement in the early 80s. Having made a huge come back off late the Oval sunglasses are recommended to all the faces. You can pair them with a cool checks shirt and white trousers.

The Vision Express Mask It Frame – An innovation in the category by Grand Vision

While wandering outdoor would require you to keep wearing your sunglasses, you might want to reach out to your prescription glasses when indoors. This means you need to keep changing your eyewear whenever you step out and step in. The Vision Express Mask It eyewear lets you switch from sunglasses to glasses in one flip. It comes with a pair of reflector sunglasses that you can simply flip on the pair of spectacle frames that also come along. Thus, what you get is the best of both worlds without having to deal with two separate pair of eyewear. Their stylish design lets you style them up with various types of outfits. A change of outfit could be matched with a change of look that you could get by pairing it either with the spectacle frames or with the super cool

sunglasses! image4

To make your every day style counts and keep your eyes protected, we at Vision Express offer a wide range of sunglasses that can be customized with a corrective tinted lens of your choice. Pick your style today, after all having eyeglasses never meant you can’t dare the sun!

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