Did You Take Advantage of the EOSS to Take Care of your Eyes?

The end of season sale is about to get over! It’s the time of the year when all shopping aficionados get to celebrate shopping and savings. Hope you are having a fantastic time and indulging in a complete shopping spree? While you are busy shopping for clothes, footwear and accessories, hope you are also making the most of the fabulous offers on eyewear and eye care range. If you have been delaying a new eyewear purchase for any reason, then rush now to the nearest Vision Express store and complete your EOSS shopping with a smart pair of eyeglasses.

Most people spend much time on choosing the spectacle frames as looks usually take precedence. However, more important are the spectacle lenses that will provide you with a clear vision and comfort. Indulge at the end of season discount spree and choose the most suitable eyewear and spectacle lenses for your eyes. Read on to know how to quickly determine the lenses ideal for your lifestyle and save your EOSS shopping time.

UV coating on the lenses of the specs frame

UV Blue Shield Lenses:

They are the next generation spectacle lenses that shield your eyes from the harmful UV rays and blue light. Regular exposure to UV rays is harmful to your eyes as it can lead to different age-related problems like cataract and macular degeneration. It is for this reason that getting this UV coating on the lenses of the specs frame is essential as it works as a sun-screen for your eyes. This coating can block transmitted and reflected UVA and UVB rays completely.

Along with working as a sun-screen for the eyes, it also works as a tech shield. It can protect your eyes against digital strain. If you have prolonged exposure to digital screens, then opting for this lens will significantly benefit your eyes. It will reduce eye strain and improve your visual comfort. So, if you end up spending a significant part of your day in front of the computer screen, then don’t forget to buy UV blue shield lenses during the end of season sale.

If you have zero power, you should shield your eyes by shopping for zero blue lenses in the end of season sale. They work in the same manner as UV Blue Shield lenses by cutting the harmful blue light and providing protection to your eyes. Go for these lenses if you do not have any eye power and work in front of digital screens to safeguard your eyes.

Photochromatic Lenses by Vision Express

Photochromatic Lenses:

Do you keep shuttling indoor and outdoors for most of your day? Well, then give the photochromatic lenses a try. These lenses darken automatically when in sunlight and transition to normal when you are back indoors. They provide complete UV protection. You can get these made with lenses like bifocals, high-index and progressive. It is perfect for every age group and will be worth a try at the end of the season sale offer period.

Night HD Lenses by Vision Express

Night HD Lenses:

If you tend to drive back home late in the night, then shop for night HD lenses for your spectacle frame. These lenses provide you with a clear vision at night. They also come with the anti-glare feature. So, buying these lenses gives you the much-needed comfort and safety in the late hours of the day. Adding to the advantage is the fact that these night HD lenses don’t get blurry during foggy nights.

Drive View Lenses:

Do you drive for long hours regularly? If you are that daily long-distance commuter or the long drives on weekends person, these are the lenses for you. These cause minimal colour distortion, so you view colours as they are around you. The superior anti-glare feature ensures that sudden glares don’t trouble you. Also, a better field of vision ensures you see both your dashboard and the drive view mirror objects with equal comfort.

With so many lenses to explore, it will be worth finishing your end of season sale shopping at a Vision Express store near you. You will find some exciting offers on spectacle frames, spectacle lenses, sunglasses and contact lenses in the store. You can also know about the ongoing offers here. Treat your eyes with unmatched comfort and style, with the most exquisite eyewear designed in Europe at Vision Express before you wind up your end of season sale shopping.

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