A Safe Driving Experience with Drive View Lens

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Are you someone who loves driving? Do you feel exhausted when you drive in poor visibility? Driving is indeed a tiring activity for the eye. Other than staying fully alert and focused on the road, another prerequisite here is to be aware of the conditions which might hamper your driving. Long drives become difficult if you have prescription eye glasses and especially in case of high powers. What are the difficulties you might face?

  • Not being able to see colours properly- These days there is a good variety of lenses that you may be suggested by any optical retailer; but while selecting the best lenses for driving, you should select the one which offers minimal color distortion. The Drive View lens by Vision Express enables you to see colours as close to as it can get. Natural viewing ensures that the colour distortion that usually occurs in a photochromatic lens and ordinary tinted lens are at their very minimum.
  • Judge distances through rear view mirror- When you look at the vehicles behind through the rear view mirror, judging the distance between your car and them is important. Save yourself from any mishap, with a lens that aids your focus. The Vision Express Drive View lens enhances your vision with HD clarity.
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  • Environmental changes – Selecting a lens for driving is an important task considering that the climatic conditions are never consistent. Bright sunshine, rains and sudden temperature changes are all challenges for people who wear glasses for driving. With Vision Express Drive View lens this ceases as the lens is highly adaptive to all kinds of environmental changes for example temperature changes and light intensity.
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  • Sudden Glares: At the time when the sun is shining at its peak or you are faced with oncoming traffic - it is imperative to select a lens to adapt and save you from the sudden blinding effect. If you know that you are going to be driving continuously with your glasses on, it is advisable to invest in antiglare driving glasses. Vision Express Drive View lens comes with a superior antiglare coating. Being a combination of polarized and photo chromatic lens, this is the best lens for driving.
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Vision Express Drive view lens is the perfect choice for you if you wish to be on the road without facing any difficulties. Whether solo or with family, now you will not have to worry about that long drive. The next time you hit the road; do keep in mind these Drive View lenses for a safer and a promising road experience. Visit our nearest store for more details!

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