9 Things to keep in mind while travelling with Contact Lenses

9 Things to keep in mind while travelling with Contact Lenses

For all the active, spontaneous, carefree travellers who prefer to bring along their Contact Lenses instead of their regular spectacles, this one’s for you. Below are a few tips that will come in handy and help you pack accordingly.

  1. To begin with the basics, always carry a backup pair of lenses. In times of missing luggage or anything of that sort, carry one extra pair like you carry an extra pair of essentials everywhere. You cannot even imagine going around without those spare pair because they are nothing short of a lifesaver.
  • Get along all your necessary Eyecare gear. Don’t forget to carry the contact lens solution, contact lens case, among other eyecare gears. These are a must-have for a journey free of worries.
  • Pack along your prescription provided by your Eye Specialist. In case of a missing pair, you can always present it and buy another one from a local store. Or, you can choose to click a picture and keep it with you, in case of an emergency. While travelling to another country, you could showcase your eye test and get an eye test done, locally to buy a pair of spectacles that resolve your eye situation.
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  • While carrying your contact lens solution, put 2 different solution bottles in carry-on and check-in baggage, respectively. Additionally, check the solution quantity according to the airport security measures and pack accordingly.
  • If you mind carrying 2 solution bottles, the easier way through this is to carry disposable contact lenses. When you switch to daily disposables, you don’t have to worry about carrying them around with a contact lens case. Also, you can be carefree about getting those back with you safely.
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  • Have a pair of spectacles, don’t forget to carry them in sunny weather conditions. If you choose contact lenses in preference to spectacles, remember to take sunglasses to shield yourself from the harmful UV rays of the sun. If you forget to carry either, the exposure of the cornea to excessive UV rays can get your eyes a sunburn.
  • Similarly, don’t wear your contact lenses in water or while swimming as it can lead to eye infections. Always remember to remove your eye lenses before getting into the pool. Wear swimming goggles while you’re underwater and rinse your eyes with cold water as and when you’re done swimming. If in case your eyes feel dry post this, put in the prescribed eye drops to keep your eyes safe.
  • Don’t wear contact lenses during a long flight or while sleeping in flights (or otherwise), as it can lead to irritation or damage. Remember that when you sleep with your contact lenses on, your cornea can't get the oxygen they need to fight off germs, hence, try to strictly avoid this.
  • While travelling, don’t forget to maintain your hygienic eye care routine. Along with which, remember to carry a hand sanitizer and clean your contact lens case regularly.

This would keep us from dangerous bacteria clinging onto your contact lens case and eyes.

In a nutshell, to make your eyecare a priority, Vision Express has all necessary eyecare gears that you need to carry with you. Remember to carry a backup pair of lenses, prescription, contact lens solution bottles, sunglasses and hand sanitizer along. Additionally, take good care of your eyes and lens when you go for a swim or a nap. Furthermore, protect your eyes from harmful UV rays of the sun.

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