7 Things that you struggle with because of poor vision

struggles with Poor Vision

In most cases of poor vision, the symptoms manifest themselves very gradually. As such we are taken unaware and get accustomed to bad eyesight. We try to accomplish our everyday tasks without realizing that we are not seeing as clearly as we are supposed to. With this bane of blurry vision, comes along many faux pas in our daily lives. While they may seem funny, the serious implications are very real.

Let’s take a look :

Difficulty In Reading:

Difficulty in reading

If you are struggling to read books, newspapers or even your Facebook news feed, then you might have fallen victim to poor vision.

Headaches After TV/Movies:

headache due to watching TV

Getting headaches after watching your favourite show? Poor vision can also come in between you and TV shows and movies. TV watching becomes challenging when you are not able to see clearly.

Can’t Read The Signs?

Eye Sight

Not having visual clarity while outside can lead to many embarrassing or inconvenient moments. Poor vision can lead to a missed ride, missing your stop, or even failing to recognize your acquaintance on the streets.

More Accidents, Albeit Small Ones!

blurry eyesight

Poor vision might be behind why you missed a step going down the stairs, or why you didn’t see the road bump while driving your car. Spilling your coffee because you tripped, walking into a transparent glass door, stepping into a puddle of water – these are all hilarious consequences that can happen because of blurry eyesight.

Falling Behind In School Is Not Cool!

Failing in examination due to poor eyesight  

Academics is perhaps the area most affected by poor vision. Often young children or adolescents who are affected by poor vision start lagging behind in their school work. Because of their blurry eyesight, they are not able to follow what the teacher is demonstrating on the board or on the screen. Their attention in the classroom might falter and their academic performance might also suffer because of blurry vision.

Missed The Catch?

missing catch while playing game

Another difficulty that people face when struggling with bad eyesight is difficulty in sports activities. Almost all sports like, cricket, football, tennis, table tennis, basketball etc, require excellent hand-eye coordination. Even swimming can become quite a challenge without good eyesight. Athletic individuals suffering from poor vision will struggle to keep up on the field with their counterparts who have clear vision.

Stress At Work And Strain on Eyes?

stress on eyes

When we try to focus on our work with poor vision, especially on laptops, tablets and smartphones, it exacerbates the strain on our eyes. Your eyes are already struggling to see clearly. The harsh blue light rays being emitted by these digital devices just increases the stress on your eyes and can cause itchy and sore eyes and headaches.

Poor vision can have many such effects on your life, where you struggle with completing regular tasks like reading, writing, or even walking down the road. If unchecked, it can have some less than funny consequences. Therefore, it is vital that we get our eyes tested regularly, at least once a year. At Vision Express we conduct comprehensive 6-step eye tests, free of cost. We also provide a variety of vision correction solutions. Book an appointment at any of our 150+ stores all over India. To book an eye test visit https://visionexpress.in/book-free-eye-test

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