7 Eyeglasses That Are “Fashion” Approved

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Gone are the days when we hesitated wearing spectacles to the first day at college or at a new job. The fear of getting tagged as “the geek” or “the nerd” is fast fading, when fashionistas around the world are flaunting enviable looks in their eyeglasses. When it comes to fashion advice, we intrinsically turn to the most well-known global names in stardom. Not just clothes, these fashionistas have won us over in their unique taste in eyewear as well. Let’s have a glimpse at what some of our favorite big screen ladies, from around the world are sporting.


Priyanka Chopra : Modern & Quirky

Other than conquering Hollywood with her acting prowess, Priyanka Chopra is also being touted internationally as a style icon. Her fashion aesthetic is very modern with a hint of quirk. If you want a hint of the glamorous PC-style in your look, then get these similar cat-eye spectacle frames in dual-tones of violet and black from Vision Express D By D collection. Try them on here with our special try-on tool.

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Sonam Kapoor : Elegant & Professional

Nobody in Bollywood can probably beat Sonam Kapoor’s elegant style and fashion sense. If you want to be as stylish as this global fashion icon, then you can start off with accessories that match up with her personal taste. Check out this pair of light weight, rectangular, full rimmed spectacle frames from Vision Express D By D collection here - that are identical to her professional look.

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Selena Gomez : Casual & Tortise Shelled

Popstar Selena Gomez is an international music sensation, who is also very popular for her jaw-dropping, red carpet fashion. Even when she is not glammed up, she looks adorable. If you want to adopt Selena’s casual look, then try full rimmed, bold spectacle frames from Vision Express D By D collection. See how they look on your face here.

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Kareena Kapoor : Simple & Fresh

Kareena Kapoor Khan has always been unique in her impeccable sense of style. Even in her girl-next-door avatar, she is quite the trendsetter, with a pair of almond shaped spectacles. If you want this simple yet fresh look, then check out a similar pair of black almond shaped spectacle frames from the Vision Express D BY D collection. Pair it with your favourite casual outfit and minimal makeup to get the complete look. Upload your picture and check out how they look on you with our special try-on tool here.

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Illeana D’Souza : Colourful & Classy

Check out Illeana’s colourful, exquisite look in this pair of simple, rectangular and oversized spectacle frames. As always, her styling and her makeup are perfectly accentuated by her choice of accessory. You can flaunt a similar look with this pair of classy, burgundy coloured spectacle frames with a shelled pattern, from Vision Express Sensaya collection. Try them on with our special try-on tool here and see how they look on you.

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Katrina Kaif : Bright & Dainty

Katrina Kaif has a very dainty and contemporary style, whether onscreen or off screen. She can also carry off bright colours very well thanks to her vibrant personality. She looks pretty as a picture in her latest avatar in these round half-rim spectacle frames, in a pastel pink shade. If you love bright and feminine look, then try out this similar half-rimmed spectacle frame from Vision Express D By D collection. Try the look here with our special try-on tool.

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Emma Watson : Vintage & Elegant

We all love Emma Watson for her acting talent, grace and poise. She is one child actor who grew up into a successful movie star, with a long list of blockbuster movies to her name. She truly embodies the term beauty with brains, in these sleek, rectangular spectacles with golden temple accents .You can emulate her classic and vintage style with similar rectangular shaped spectacles from Vision Express Sensaya collection. Have a sneak peak at how they look on you here.

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