10 Things People Who Wear Glasses are Sick of Hearing

    If spectacle-wearers had a club, then they would definitely have regular meetings about all the dumb things that people say to them about their glasses. Although we understand that the comments are made casually, it does get pretty annoying for the bespectacled population, who keep on hearing them on a daily basis. Let's take a look!   “Can I try them on?” sayingno These requests comes way too often. And generally we don't have much of a choice but to oblige. The problem with encouraging such behavior is the toll it takes on the poor glasses that get thumbed all over by grubby fingers and stretched out beyond their capacity on those generously sized heads.   “You shouldn't wear glasses, you look way better without them.” giphy (10) These opinions shouldn't be heeded at all, because they are clearly stupid. When you have the choice between looking slightly cuter and being able to see clearly, there should be no doubt regarding the obviously correct option. In fact, a pair of the latest trend in spectacle frames can actually act as a fashion accessory to enhance your appearance and personality. Don't believe us? Check out the latest European style frame collection at Vision Express. The Vision Express range of frames for men and women are available in multiple shades, styles and colours to meet all your fashion needs.   “How many fingers am I holding up?” giphy (1) We've always wondered about these specimens of human beings who think that people who wear glasses can somehow not count? So almost every time we take off our glasses, we have somebody asking us this absurd query; as if we possibly can't be seeing all those pudgy fingers without our glasses on.   “Are you blind?” giphy (5) There is so much difference between being blind and having poor vision that requires glasses. You'd think that after so many years of their existence, we'd be actually aware of the exact function of glasses. But obviously, not every one of us in knows about what it means to wear glasses.   “Four-eyes” or some equally dumb nickname giphy (9) These insults used to be more popular during our bespectacled childhoods. Although we still come across some immature man-child once in a while, who will use them on us.   “Are these glasses real?” giphy (2) We don't understand the point of asking this question. Are you asking if the glasses are figments of our collective imagination? Or are you asking if they are powerless glasses just for show? If the latter, then how dare you accuse us of being hipsters!   “Just get LASIK surgery.” giphy Oh sure, why not! We were just sitting around waiting for that suggestion. Because who doesn't want a super-expensive, complicated eye surgery, instead of putting on a pair of simple spectacles every morning. Another factor to consider here is that LASIK still needs to be advised by your ophthalmologist, solely on the basis of vision needs, and not cosmetic considerations. There is also the tiny fact that LASIK doesn't always get rid of eye power completely. It can reduce your power (there is a chance of it increasing few years after the surgery). So why go through all the hassle of a surgery, when there is no absolute guarantee that it's going to be successful in the short and long-term basis!   “What's your power?” giphy (11) What's the point of this? It's not as if non-glasses-wearers understand the concept of vision correction. We could literally quote any number and they would give the same gasp of horror.   “You look like <insert famous/fictional character who wears glasses>” 2. Most often, that fictional, famous character is Harry Potter. To be honest, we don't mind the comparisons to someone who looks as glamorous as Ryan Gosling wearing spectacles; as long as it isn't a teenage boy wizard.   “I wanna get glasses too!” 4. If they made glasses to cure stupidity instead of vision correction, then you'd probably be the first one to get them.    

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