10 Colours to Include in Your Summer Wardrobe

blog-cover Love to stay updated with the latest trends in fashion and accessories? Then you can’t miss out on including the 10 Pantone 2017 Colour Trends in your wardrobe. You can easily incorporate them in your looks by sporting some cool spectacles or sunglasses in these colours. Come take a look at the vibrant colours that are trending this summer for a cool, new wardrobe makeover. 4 Play around with the classic denim blue Niagara shade in your spectacles for a relaxed and casual vibe. Spectacles with a hint of Niagara are a smart way of staying trendy this season. 9 Perfectly resonating with the warmth and spirit of summer, spectacles in Primrose Yellow add vitality to your appearance especially for a flirty, day look. 3 Be bold without being overbearing, with the relaxing shade of Lapis Blue. Spectacles in this shade of blue will make your appearance striking and radiant. 1 Show off your fun and vibrant personality with a touch of this theatrical shade of Flame in your spectacle frames. Imbibe your look with the energy and flamboyance of summer with this fiery shade. 6 Play with the refreshing aqua shade of Island Paradise in your spectacle frames this summer and beat the heat with its cool blue green appeal that is reminiscent of the ocean. 2 Keep it flirty and breezy by incorporating the delicate pastel shade of Pale Dogwood into your eyewear. This subtle pink shade can be paired with a floral print sundress and is perfect for a casual weekend. 5 A refreshing tone of yellow green, adding a shade of Greenery lends a unique vibrancy to your look. Reinvent yourself with this shade that signifies rejuvenation and peace. 7 The stimulating shade of Pink Yarrow is perfect to accessorize your fun personality. This bold, vibrant and captivating shade of pink is the perfect shade to lift your spirits. 8 The ultimate colour trend of 2017, Kale has appeared more often on international runway this year than any other colour. This shade of green is subtle, yet refreshing and is the perfect colour palette for your spectacle frames and overall look.10 And finally, infuse your look with the natural earthiness and the neutral tones of Hazelnut for its inherent warmth and subtle appeal. The perfect base colour that can merge with primary and secondary colours, Hazelnut coloured spectacles are best paired with formal wear.      

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