How Can Make-Up Users Avoid Eye Problems & Take Care of Eyes?

Cosmetics are products used to enhance the appearance or texture of the face or the fragrances of the body. Cosmetics applied to the face is generally termed as makeup. It is mostly believed to be the perfect means of highlighting the facial features. However, when applying makeup near the eyes, especially when wearing contact lenses, one should exercise a certain degree of caution as it can lead to manyeye health concerns. An eye infection, injury or allergic reactions are some of the unpleasant consequences of not using makeup appropriately near the eyes. Besides, developing an infection or getting a red or puffy eye is the last thing you will want. To avoid eye problems such as infections and injuries follow the below rules and make them a part of your makeup routine.

Don’t Use Expired Products:

Follow the manufacturer recommendations when it comes to using cosmetics. You should carefully review the expiry date on the packaging and discard the expired products immediately. When it comes to mascara, you should try to follow the three months recommendation.

Follow Basic Hygiene: 

There are some hygiene practices that one must observe when using cosmetics near the eyes. You should clean the brushes and other applicators regularly as it will help to remove dust and pathogens. The infection-causing bacteria tend to grow in creamy and liquid eye makeup. Besides, if you had an eye infection, then discard the eye makeup immediately. This will prevent re-infection.

Avoid Sharing eye makeup

Avoid Sharing Eye Makeup:

Be cautious when trying tester products at stores. This is a common cause of eye infection like conjunctivitis. Instead, you should use disposable applicators that reduce the risk of transmission of such infections. Still, there can be a risk as fungi and bacteria can be there in the cosmetic product’s container if it is not cleaned properly.

avoid using products contains allergens

Know your Allergies:

Along with infections, there can also be allergic reactions to makeup. Some of the common allergens that are there in cosmetics include iron oxide, nickel or some ingredients in fragrances and preservatives. Thereby, it is essential that you know about your allergies and avoids using products that contain such allergens. Even if “hypo-allergenic” is mentioned on a product, you should avoid using it if it has the allergen to which you are sensitive. Besides, if you have such sensitivities, then be careful when changing your eye cosmetics. Maybe, try changing one product at a time.

Apply eye make-up with care

Apply Makeup with Care:

Eye injuries often take place while applying makeup. So, it is essential that you maintain a steady hand when applying makeup near the eyes. Mechanical injury can often lead to corneal abrasion. This makes it vital that you don’t apply makeup when in a moving vehicle. Besides, limit eye makeup application only to the exterior of the eye to prevent infections and injuries. Avoid using lip liners on the eyes and topping-off dry mascara with water.

keep contact lenses clean

Keep Contact Lenses Clean:

If you wear contact lenses and want to apply makeup, then first wash your hands, wear the lenses and then apply makeup. Otherwise, makeup can get stuck on the lenses causing immense eye irritation. Besides, you must refrain from applying glitter based or metallic eye shadow as the fallouts can get trapped in the lenses.

Along with the above tips, ensure you clean your face and wash your eyes thoroughly every night if you are applying makeup. A thorough cleansing can help in maintaining your eye health. Follow these basic hygiene practices and go for a routine eye check to Avoid Eye Problems. You should ideally go for an annual eye check-up to maintain a clear vision and healthy eyes. So, enhance your look the way you desire, but remember to take care of your precious eyes.

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