Don’t Let Your Glasses Block Your Lip Lock

“Can I wear my glasses while we kiss?” this question pops up every now and then if you have a friend who wears glasses. We do have contact lenses now, but nothing can beat the smart geeky looks that your good old glasses can offer you. So, let us help you with some tips on kissing with glasses. Check out the list below:
  • Tilt a Bit: If you and your partner are both wearing glasses and it always ends at staining the glasses completely, then you can tilt your head to the side. This helps you avoid staining your glasses.
  • Slide It or Pull It Up: As you are having a passionate kiss with your partner, you surely won’t like it if the glasses keep on snooping in. So, slide them up your head and use it like a hairband, in this way they also keep the hair out of your face.
  • You Can Do Without It: If you are not comfortable while kissing with glasses, then you can take them off when you feel the urge to kiss. So don’t be wary because even a simple thing like taking off your glasses can be very kissable.
  • Practice Makes Perfect: This is not a tip but you can call it a suggestion, so don’t feel ashamed of your glasses. Keep practicing and you will soon realize that kissing with glasses is not much different than kissing without them.
  Well, we hope that our tips on kissing with glasses will help you solve your dilemma. Try these tips and write to us how much it helped you. Keep following us, we promise to share more interesting facts and tips with you all.  

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